Tick and Mosquito Control

Ticks and Mosquitos are persistent pests that can spoil your backyard party but also be the bearers of vector borne diseases. One of the most familiar in our area, and most prevalent, is Lyme disease. Ticks are notorious for spreading that disease. Mosquitos are famous for West Nile Virus (WNV), Encephalitis (EEE), Zika Virus. Click on these links and be taken to the Rhode Island Department of Health to learn of these diseases.

What is an effective tick treatment?

An effective penetrating spray with sufficient volume to vegetation and leaf litter is needed to control ticks. Perimeter treatment to growth areas around the or adjacent to the structure (home) should be treated for maximum results.


Best time for application?

Mid May through the month of June are opportune times for application for optimum results since nymphal ticks are found at this time.  However, the application can be performed any time ticks are active. It is possible, though not guaranteed, that a single application at the right time could be enough for an entire tick season.


What is the difference between a tick treatment and a mosquito application?

Ticks will harbor close to the ground whereas mosquitos (flying insects) will rest higher. One might distinguish the difference by saying a tick treatment is more of a horizontal treatment and a mosquito treatment can be more of a vertical treatment. Please note that the same material can be used for both treatments.


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Click on the link below for the current TickEncounter index,  and TickEncounter resource center, provided by the University of Rhode Island.

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