Bumble Bees

Color- Black with yellow stripes
Legs- 6
Shape- Oval; bee shape
Size- 1″
Antennae- Yes
Region- Found throughout U.S.

Note: A bumble bee generally has a hairy abdomen whereas a carpenter bee has a smooth shiny abdomen.


The occupant of a disturbed bumble bee nest will buzz in a loud volume. They defend their nests aggressively.


Bumble bees often nest in the ground, but can be found above ground around patio areas or decks. They will sometimes build their ness in soffits of attics.


As part of their aggressive defense of their nests, bumble bees will chase nest invaders for a considerable distance. The bumble bee sting is one of the most painful. Unlike honey bees, bumble bees can sting more than once.

Bumble Bee Prevention

Looking to get rid of bumble bees? Bumble bees can be prevented through inspection of potential nesting areas and removal of potential harborage materials. Because bumble bees will sting when threatened, homeowners are advised to seek out a bee pest control service rather than try to address the infestation themselves. So, play it safe and call Arrest-A-Pest, Inc. and save yourself the pain of a bee sting, or multiple stings.

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